Ptilotus unguiculatus

Ptilotus unguiculatus
Holotype specimen of Ptilotus unguiculatus. Insert: Close-up of an inflorescence.

A new species of Ptilotus (Amaranthaceae) has recently been described and name Ptilotus unguiculatus T.Hammer. The species is known from a collection in 1970 on Edaggee Station, SSE of Carnarvon, Western Australia.

The species is an annual herb with conspicuously clawed whitish-green sepals, for which it is named unguiculatus (‘having claws’).

Hammer, T.A. 2018. The Ptilotus murrayi species group: synonymisation of P. petiolatus under P. murrayi and description of the new Western Australian species P. unguiculatus (Amaranthaceae). Swainsona 31(6): 93–100.

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