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Ptilotus angustifolius

Ptilotus angustifolius (Benl) T.Hammer is a rare species of Ptilotus (Amaranthaceae) from South Australia (see below map). It has recently been erected as a species from P. nobilis subsp. angustifolius (Benl) Lally & W.R.Barker in Hammer et al. (2018). It is a long-lived rounded shrub or perennial herb with above ground stems becoming basally woody (i.e. a subshrub).

Distribution of Ptilotus angustifolius
Inferred distribution of Ptilotus angustifolius in South Australia from data retrieved from the Australasian Virtual Herbarium (https://avh.ala.org.au).

Hammer TA, Macintyre PD, Nge FJ, Davis RW, Mucina L & Thiele KR (2018) The noble and the exalted: a multidisciplinary approach to resolving a taxonomic controversy within Ptilotus (Amaranthaceae). Australian Systematic Botany 31(3), 262–280. https://doi.org/10.1071/SB17062