New Ptilotus species from the Gascoyne

A new species of Ptilotus (Amaranthaceae) has been described in Volume 29 of Nuytsia. The new species, Ptilotus yapukaratja R.W.Davis & T.Hammer, is a shrub with succulent leaves and pink flowers (pictured) that occurs near Lorna Glen Station (Matuwa) in the Gascoyne bioregion of Western Australia. The specific epithet was proposed by the Elders from the Tarlka Matuwa Piarku Aboriginal Corporation, the traditional custodians of the Matuwa Kurrara Kurrara Indigenous Protected Area and is derived from their words yapu (rock) and karatja (belonging to), referring to the rocky habitat on which it is found. The species is rare and listed as Priority One under Conservation Codes for Western Australian Flora. Further information can be found in the publication:

Davis, R.W. & Hammer, T.A. (2018) Ptilotus yapukaratja (Amaranthaceae), a new and rare species from the Gascoyne bioregion of Western Australia. Nuytsia 29: 157–160. [pdf]