Ptilotus benlii

Ptilotus benlii
Flowering inflorescences of Ptilotus benlii. Photo by R. Davis.

Ptilotus benlii R.W.Davis & T.Hammer was recently described in the journal Nuytsia as a new species for Western Australia (Davis & Hammer, 2017). It is a perennial herb found from south of Kalbarri to north of Merridin, WA.

Ptilotus benlii is closely related to P. calostachyus F.Muell., P. drummondii (Moq.) F.Muell., P. aphyllus Benl and P. schwartzii (F.Muell.) Tate. It shares the character with these species of possessing staminal cup appendages, but can be easily differentiated by its larger, green-white flowering spikes and bright pink filaments and stamens. Ptilotus benlii is also quite close to the southwestern species P. esquamatus (Benth.) F.Muell., with which it differs in that the latter lacks staminal cup appendages and has much smaller inflorescences of pinkish flowers and a decumbent habit.

Ptilotus benlii
The habit of Ptilotus benlii. Photo by R. Davis.

The species was named in honour of German botanist Gerhard Benl (1910–2001), who contributed significantly to the taxonomy of Ptilotus throughout his career, naming upwards of 30 species and various infraspecific taxa.

Davis, R.W. & Hammer, T.A. (2017). Ptilotus benlii (Amaranthaceae), a new species from Western Australia. Nuytsia 28: 299–302.

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